Dear parents,

We live in an increasingly digital world where everything around us changes rapidly. During the last decade we have seen how the technology around us has changed in a spectacular way: digital cameras appear, televisions flatten and turn into smart devices, electronic books win out powerfully, cell phones are miniaturized while their computing capacity grows exponentially, tablets appear relegating laptops to professional uses, interactive whiteboards, watches that monitor our training sessions, bracelets that monitor our health …

Our children belong to the first generation of digital natives. Since birth they are used to interact with all kinds of electronic devices, and do so with an ease and fluency that, admittedly, leaves us amazed. Without any doubt, the digital world has also reached the educational environment and, right now, we are experiencing a large revolution in this field.

All members of the School Cubes team have wide experience in technology development and child education. But besides these qualities, we are parents concerned about our children’s education. We love to watch them playing and having fun with the amazing children’s applications that currently exist for iPad and iPhone. It is precisely this experience what allowed us to discover the possibility of developing educational applications reinforced by a fun experience. Result of the friendship of the entire team and this common understanding that we all share, School Cubes is born.

School Cubes is a collection of educational apps focused on the learning of different subjects such as mathematics, logic, language and spatial vision. They all stand to make use of a proven pedagogical approach, providing entertainment and fun, and to demonstrate a very careful and detailed aesthetic.

We are convinced of the enormous contribution that these apps perform to children’s education, and we hope that you, parents interested in educating their children like us, may be able to know first-hand.

– School Cubes team –