Mathcubes: Compare and Order

Educational app designed to help the children to enter in the wonderful world of maths learning while they play.

Educational app specifically designed for children to learn the decimal number system. Your kids will learn math while they play and listen sweets jazz melodies in an adorable environment.

Check out this app in action!

A great app for your kids to enjoy and learn math in a fun way. You will see how in a short amount of time they will control all the numbers without hardly making an effort. They will surprise you!

Mathcubes is part of a School Cubes, a collection of educational applications developed from the belief that learning should not be at odds with fun. Funny lesson, learned lesson!


Our team of experts on children’s learning pedagogues have carefully supervised this app. Different key didactic aspects have been taking into account so this app could be useful as support learning tool. All the features have been studied in detail, from the mean time of one session, to the type of feedback provided when the children are right or fail.

Mathcubes Compare and Order has a unique correction system designed so children can learn even when they fail. All the exercises are supported by a speech system that formulates the question and reinforce the solution. Besides, this app can be configured so the language of the speeches can be changed, this can be very useful in bilingual educational systems.

Kids will practice the concepts of:
– Decompose numbers into ones, tens and hundreds.
– Compare numbers.
– Order numbers from least to greatest and from greatest to least.
– Given a number, find the previous and next one.


Mathcubes Compare and Order has a unique visual and sound aspects to encourage imagination and creativity. Every detail has been taken care of: buttons that change their appearance, visual and talking feedback in all the interactions, iconography, visual effects by particles system, etc.

In this app, children will see cubes jumping and bouncing around them, they will be able to throw them against each other, pile them up and drop them, interacting at a level never seen before. Indeed, learning can be fun ;)


Mathcubes Compare and Order has an intelligent exercises generation system where the fails of childrens are taken into account, so those exercises will appear more often, helping children to memorize them easily. In addition, the system measures constantly the user’s level to propose exercises appropriate to their ability. Each time the child does right the exercise, accesses a set of slightly more complicated exercises. Likewise, whenever the child misses, the system shows an easier set of exercises more affordable.

There is no time limit, so this app is an appropriate learning tool for children with learning difficulties or Autism. It is also available a high contrast alternative graphic set prepared especially for children with visual deficiency.


Mathcubes Compare and Order has an awards and achievements system to encourage its use and personal improvement. The application has a special achievements’ screen, there, children can see all the awards won, and all they still have to get and some more surprises. This system is, in practice, a great incentive to advance through the different levels. The reinforcing positive attitudes, the well-done work and effort has always been an important learning support.


Mathcubes Compare and Order is an universal app specially designed for iPad, and also compatible with iPhone4, iPhone5, iPhone6 and iPhone6+.

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Mathcubes, is part of School Cubes, a collection of educational applications developed from the belief that learning should not be at odds with entertainment. Funny Lesson, learned lesson!