Mathcubes: Addition & Subtraction for kids
Mathcubes: Times Tables for Kids
Mathcubes: Compare and Order
School Cubes is a collection of educational applications focused on the learning of different subjects such as mathematics, logic, language and spatial vision.

Amazing Apps for Education

Universal App

iPad, iPad mini, iPod Touch & iPhone 4 or newer compatible.

Proven Pedagogical Approach

Our apps collection has been supervised by teachers and educators to ensure their educational rigor.

Analytic Tracking Stop Option

You can stop the collection of analytical data at any time.

Intuitive Interactions

Applications designed for children and tested with children.

Speech Utterances

No need to read to overcome the exercises, perfect for small children.

Support Multi Languages

English, French, German, Spanish, Italian… You can set it from the app.


These applications have been supervised by a team of experienced educators and graduates in early childhood education. Several key aspects have been taken into account so School Cubes will support learning.


Children will see jumping and bouncing cubes around, may launch against one another, stacking, tear them down, interacting at a level never seen before. Indeed, learning it can be fun ;)


School Cubes is developed under a powerful physics engine to simulate a very realistic and accurate cubes collisions, falls, rebounds, shoots … A very special art section allows total immersion in the application.

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